Small world circus set with wooden figures

Mini Story Wooden Circus Set- Last one reduced

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Reduced from £10.00 to £9.99 

These fantastic wooden Circus sets are so versatile, you can do so much with them from playing with the figures to adding into a story bag with a book and bringing the story to life with the figures and you can also add them to the other sets in the collection to create a larger playing scene and create a village 

The Circus Set is fun and vibrant with 11 pieces to play including a ringmaster , clown, trapeze, horse tiger and tiger tamer , monkey , ring of fire and more reminiscent of a time gone by 

Let your child's imagination run wild with these sets, small enough to take out with you and have in your bag ready to use as a distraction or when your child is bored, in a flight bag or for a long car journey. 

Included in the range are Mini Story Princess sets and Mini story Fire Fighters sets  

perfect for children aged 3 years +

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