Why we stock traditional wooden toys without the plastic Tatt

Have you ever wondered why I decided not to stock mainstream toys, plastic or battery toys? 

Most people jump on the next craze in order to make a quick buck but I decided that this was not going to happen in The Magic Box. I wanted quality toys that were different from the mainstream, toys that spark imagination and play. Traditional wooden toys that last and offer play value, magical toys that make you want to play again and again and take you on a magical journey.

Yes I could be just like Toys R us but look what happened to them! 

I believe there is a time and a place for technology but I also think play is very important and is undervalued in today's society. Its getting harder and harder to be a parent, we can not offer children the same freedom that perhaps we had as children. I know I would be out playing for hours from a young age but this is not seen as safe now, and technology fills its place and in some cases up to 6 hours a day. 

I remember playing with my dolls house for hours and hours, reading my books and playing out on my bike. I believe that children should be given as many opportunity's to play, make believe and have adventures. Children need to learn to use their own imaginations and learn what they enjoy and what they really like to play with too. 

That is why I choose to stand out from the crowd and not follow the latest fashion and no you will not find the Hatchables that cost £50 and no one can get their hands on because quite frankly they are rubbish, they are throw away toys that will not stand the test of time, will not spark your child's imagination to play over and over again and will most certainly be under the bed within a matter of weeks gathering dust. 

I do not want my toys to be gathering dust under the bed somewhere and I want them to be cherished, passed down from child to child and to help children to learn through play. I choose all of my toys by going to toy fairs and meeting the makers, getting to know the company and what their values are, then I know we are a good fit and I can then absolutely believe in the products I sell. 

Its ok to stand out from the crowd and be different and no I will not be everyone's cup of tea but I am happy with that and I know my crowd love what I offer. 

I was googling some retro toys to add to the blog and soon realised I sell most of these , they are not retro they are classics!

Spinning tops are great fun, the children that visit the shop always gravitate to these and have a go, they are fascinated watching them and they are delighted when they get them to work, simple but effective and great for learning coordination skills.

Big Love Lisa xx



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