What does Vicki, Oscar and Imogen have to say !

Hello, I’m Vicki and I’m a Toy tester for Lisa at the Magic box toy shop

Well my kids Oscar and Imogen are the toy testers really. I just watch them, take photographs and write about what happens. Sometimes I am organised enough to put said toys in to my handbag when we head out to somewhere or maybe even set up an invitation to play before I go to bed.

How I found The Magic Box 

I mentioned on instragram (vixietrixiepixie) a while back that I first saw Lisa’s gorgeous shop when we were house hunting in Marsden.

I try to buy locally as much as I can and if we want unique and quirky shops like this on our doorstep we have to use them rather than faceless giants like Amazon.

I needed a birthday present for a party the next day and couldn’t face taking Oscar who was three at the time, all the way in to the centre of town. Lisa was so friendly and helpful, I came away with something lovely and in my budget.

It’s where I go most times now. I even leave the presents in the bag, with the gift wrap knowing that if the kid just isn’t into dinosaur heads ( terrifying by the way!) ithen Lisa will very happily swap the gift.

We’ve had lots of fun playing with the Janod mini story princess set for a while now and it has become a part of our regular rotation of toys. If you don’t rotate your toys, then you are missing a trick!

The Janod Story princess set

First impressions were that the figures are good quality and beautifully painted. I was pleasantly surprised with the number of figures for the price. I think it’s a great size , it fits in your handbag or carry on luggage easily.

It’s a fantastic birthday present idea as they can be played with in so many ways. I chose the princess story box from the range of story boxes because Oscar was going through a my little pony phase and I thought the horses would interest him. However it was the frog that he really took a shine to and still even now takes with him when we leave the house. The cart is a solidly built vehicle and adds another dimension to play. It even fits on our brio train tracks!

Oscar loved harnessing the horses and moving them around pulling the characters in it.

We took this set out in a little drawstring bag quite a few time as it’s so compact, it just lived in my bag and would come out when I needed to buy myself some time. It came with us to the local bakery and helped me have a hot cup of tea. Heaven!

It also came with us to Ikea as a story bag along with a book ‘the paper bag princess’. Oscar borrowed a dragon from another Janod story set (we are big fans of this range!) and used his dragon, princess and prince to tell the story of a princess who rescues her prince but... ( I won’t spoil the end for you if you haven’t read it, but it is fabulous)

My only niggle is that it’s a shame that characters other than the prince can’t ride the horse. Now this didn’t stop Oscar from balancing the witch on the horse, but I feel that the girls shouldn’t have to ride side saddle, so to speak! Come @Janod get with the times. Princesses can ride horses too! They need to read the Paperbag Princess

That’s it from me for now, thanks Lisa for letting me do this, it’s been a great experience and I can’t wait until our next mission.
Love Vicki, Oscar and Imogen

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