We made the papers !

Children take away lazy dog walkers' excuses with new poo bag project

As part of the positively Marsden village clean up we asked children to help us in the fight to encourage dog owners to clean up their dogs mess and we hit the papers !

We had a very successful turnout and massive support on the local social media pages  after the event.

I had the idea sent to me by another local business owner Rebecca Higgins and she suggested we ran a workshop for children to make doggy boo bag dispensers to be placed around the village to enable dog owners to use the bags provided giving them no excuse to leave the mess on the streets

We created an event and asked the local children to get involved in the paw patrol as we called it. The event was shared via social media and the response was huge.


Locals started dropping off doggy poo bags, bottles and stickers to help children design their dispensers and on Friday the 22nd of February children came to The Magic Box Toy shop in force.

They had great fun making the dispensers and really got behind the project. They planned where they wanted to place these in the community and off they went to put them in place.

We shared pictures  of the children's creations and where these could be found on the local face book page and the response was massive with over 250 likes and lots of shares and comments to encourage the children and thank them. 

The examiner newspaper asked if they could publish the story and of course we said yes. If we can encourage more dog owners to pick it up then that is a great achievement 

To read the online version of the examiner Live Click on this 

 We are very proud of all the children and it was fantastic to be involved in such a great community project.

We have had feedback since the project that these have been used and have helped a few owners who needed an extra bag or forgot to bring one out with them 

Well Done Lisa xxx

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