Surviving the summer holidays


Summer holidays love them or hate them 

Does the idea of the holidays lumming fill you with dread or are you looking forward to the freedom of no school runs and lazy summer days?

What do you remember of your school holidays, my memories are made up of the Enid Blyton books The famous Five going on adventures and having picnics. I loved to read and this was my time to dive right in and fill my head with stories. 

Now the summer holidays are very different for me, I have three children to find childcare for and plan some days together while keeping them entertained and its not so easy anymore.

So I have some tips I want to share with you to make the holidays go as smoothly as possible 

One is get the kids together and brainstorm ideas, what do they want from the school holidays, get them excited and involved. go crazy with this, it can be as silly as you like. Write all the ideas down and then get a plan in place, make sure you plan in days that you can all have down time, these days can be filled with watching family films, reading books and playing. 

 "Its hard to remember that when our kids are bored that we do not need to rescue them, rather we can just let them be bored and see what a beautiful place boredom will take them"  

When kids are bored this is when there imagination kicks in, what makes them happy what do they enjoy doing, its not our job to find it, its theirs and its a great skill to learn early on.  

Set your family rules for the holidays, agree them and write them down for all to see, this is the time to set expectations. Discuss and negotiate how much screen time they are allowed, agree bedtimes in advance. Let them know what is expected of them and what to expect from you. let them know if you are working and what days so they know you will not be around all the time. Get everyone to sign them so its like a contact you all agree on

The next one is set some time aside for you, make sure you can unwind and relax in the holidays too. looking after you should not be last on the list but first, if you are happy and relaxed then you can give more to your family. Plan a massage, treat yourself to some nice bath bombs or salts to make the most of a hot bath. plan lunch with your friends, have a date night so you are still spending time together as a couple too. I am rubbish at this and need to ensure I follow my own advice this summer.


There are lots of things you can do this summer without spending a fortune 

Den building 

Make a rocket


Plan a teddy bears picnic

Learn to ride a bike

Learn to skip 

Family games night

Simple craft for rainy days and make sure you get these in advance so you have them to hand when needed. For ideas pop into our creative section on the website

I hope this helps you to plan a better summer holiday for your family, make sure you pop into the face book page and let me know what you are doing this summer , I love to hear your stories and ideas

Big Love Lisa xxx

I was inspired to write this blog by Lisa Parkes @Smileycoach  she has some great tips and is running a free summer survival programme , pop over and have a look, I think you will love it !

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  • Annmarie Lakner on

    I know how stressful the 6 weeks holiday can be for us working parent but it’s also a time where we make the most beautiful family memories. what a lovely read xx

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