My Top Three family games

My Top Three Family Games 

As a family we find it hard to play games together as our children are 5 ,13 and 14 so finding something they would all play seemed impossible.

Until I found the Haba games, these games are from Germany and are very clever. There is something for everyone and they are quick games lasting between 5-15 minutes so nobody gets bored and players can dip in and out as they please ... perfect 

1. Rhino Hero 

This game is a game of Luck and ability to balance cards, suitable for players aged 5-99 years, 2-5 players and the game last between 5-15 minutes 

The Rhino hero is out looking for buglers and rogues, can you help him on his mission by building the tallest and strongest skyscraper . This is a easy fun game that you can get playing straight away as the rules are simple, stacking fun for all the family at just £8.99. Also perfect for traveling as its small enough to carry around, we have this game in our caravan

2. Stack 

This game is a stacking game for up to 1- 4 players and takes 5 - 10 minutes per game. The age range is from 4 - 99 years.

The aim of the game is to get rid of your sticks and stack them on the mule before the other players. Be careful if they fall you must start again. Again its perfect for travel as it comes in a tin that is compact and is £8.50 

Stack Haba game

3.Lucky Sock Dip Spin Cycle 

A fast paced game that requires speed and concentration suitable from 4-99 years, 2-4 players and takes 10 minutes per game  

its washing day! The sock monster has made a mess, who can match the pairs before anyone else, you need to be quick on this one !

This game is perfect for travel as its a small box suitable for a handbag and at just £4.50 its a very affordable distraction 

Lucky dip sock monster haba game  

If you have younger children this range is perfect as games start from just 2 years old. I am hoping I have encouraged you to start a games night with your family and have lots of fun together.

Lets start a games revival .... Big Love Lisa xx

To view the whole collection please follow the link


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