Unplug your children

Commit to unplug!

Its national unplugging day on Friday this week

will you be committing to unplug?

We increasingly miss out on lots of day to day moments because we have our heads buried in screens, are you guilty ? I know I am !

 its not just us, children are learning fast how to use technology and are spending more and more time everyday plugged in .

Here at The Magic Box my aim is to unplug children with toys that spark imagination and get children playing again.

We do not supply any toys that have batteries or any screen toys for this very reason and while technology has its place is should not replace play or just been out in the open to discover and learn. 

National day of unplugging 

This 24 hour global respite highlights the value of disconnecting from digital devices to connect with ourselves, loved ones and our community in real time 

Children often need encouragement to come away from screens and get involved in other activity's. Why not encourage children to do other activities before screen time in order to earn a limited time in front of screens

So what could you do together as a family to unplug for one day?

Go for a walk

Choose a walk where you can climb trees, build a outside den with sticks or pop along to a local bush craft event 

Play board games 

Choose a game all the family will enjoy playing together and have a board game night.

If you need any help choosing games pop over to the games selection on our website, where we have a great selection of Haba games and more 

See Games 

Cook together

One of our family favourites to make together are home made pizzas , very easy to make and the children love to choose their own toppings and create their own pizza.

Here is a simple recipe just click to view 


Bake a cake together or some simple buns, children love to bake and one of the joys of baking is licking the spoon at the end, I have lots of fond memories baking with my grandma, when was the last time you baked something together?

Get crafty  

Mothers day is on Sunday so why not get crafty and make a special gift for mum or grandma 

Here are six simple ideas to get you going  view here 


Set out some toys and games that you can get your children engrossed in, build a huge railway and get all the rains lined up ready for them or use teddy s for a teddy bears picnic, build a den, let your imagination run wild 

Still not convinced ?

Here are just a few of the benefits from been unplugged  

Improves relationships as you talk, interact and connect with one another

Helps spark creativity and imagination, children need to be bored and learn what they like to do, what their interests are, how they like to play 

Clear minds without been fed endless information on tablets and screens 

Improves social skills as children play, interact and communicate more and learn how to problem solve

Improves sleep, when children and adults are on screens before bedtime it stimulates and often means you are not relaxed enough for sleep, ensure at least an hour of no screens before bed to get the best nights sleep  

 I hope this has given you lots of ideas to help you and your children unplug and PLAY more 

Big Love Lisa xx

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