Lets get Summer Ready !

Are you Summer ready?

The Summer holidays are nearly upon us rand we have 6 long weeks of entertainment, referring, house keeping and work to fit in too, I am exhausted already!
I know it can be hard to think of lots of things to do with the children over the holidays and to have activities planned so I have put a few ides together to get you started 
Firstly I would say you do not need to entertain your children every second of every day and its ok to expect them to entertain themselves too, in fact its good for them to be a bit bored and work out what they would like to do and what interests them 

Lets break it down 

Work commitments

Work in the holidays can be a killer especially if you do not have the help of relatives and family. My advise would be where possible team up with a friend and share childcare if you can, not only will this help with costs but they will entertain each other too 
Holiday clubs can be a life saver too and while some are quite costly there are a few exceptions to the rule
One good place to start the search locally to Huddersfield, Halifax and Wakefield  is Mumbles family magazine, not only do they tend to have a list of holiday clubs but they also have a whats on section so you can see whats happening in your area that you could get involved with, another good one is families magazine
Here are the links

Days out 

 Plan a few days out in advance maybe one to two a week , remember these do not need to be costly a picnic in a park with a football can easily entertain you for a good few hours. 
1. Standedge tunnel and visitor centre is a good local day out in Marsden its free and you can pop into the village and see me in the shop too, bonus! 
2. Parks are always great and we have some brilliant parks near us, Green Head with the large playgrounds, zip wire, paddling pool, train and more. if you are not local then check out some parks near you.
3. Play gyms are fab is the weather inst to cracky, a good play gym can be worth its weight in gold.
3.Swimming is always a good option in my house as all three love it, especially now we have the new splash park in Huddersfield sports centre with the slides  t
4. Trampoline parks are great especially for older children, even my 15 year old will come along to a trampoline park! 
5. If you are planning a bigger outing then check out local magazines for discounts and savings as lots of the larger attractions offer these over the holidays, such as children go free with a paying adult. If you have a few children this can save you quite a bit, always pack a picnic too and again this will save money in the long term for extra treats through the holidays

Days in

We can not always be out and about in the holidays so plan some days in too 
1. craft sessions have a few emergency craft ideas up your sleeve for days that you will be at home and get these in advance so you have everything you need. Pintreast is a great place to start looking for crafty ideas and I have also put together a creative section on the website to save time and covers a wide age range. To help you get started I have a offer on the entire craft range with 20% off using Schools out code at the check out 
Here is the link 
2. Den building this can be a simple as a blanket over some chairs , a torch and a picnic in the den. If you have older children get some large cardboard boxes from local shops and challenge them to create a castle, let them design it , colour it and create it.
3. Playing with toys, this is a really simple idea but if you set up a play area for your children that is using all their own toys but in a different way this can capture their imagination for hours. set all the teddy bears picnic , get out the train track and set it all up with dinosaur figures all around ready for an invasion, baby dolls bath time .. get creative on this , there are loads of things you can do. 
4. Play dates - invite friends round for play dates, they will entertain themselves and give you time to catch up on chores 
5. Movie days these are great if you have had a busy few days and need a rest , choose a few good movies , snacks and enjoy. 
Holidays should not be about setting yourself impossible timescales, expecting the house to be cleaned from top to bottom or beating yourself up if you are working. look at the time you do have and enjoy it. We will have very few summers with our children in the long term. Enjoy some lazy days together, use this time to talk, play and spend time together as a family and have loads of fun
Big love Lisa  

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