Introducing the new Toy Testers

How I choose our new Toy Testers

For a long time now I have toyed with the idea of having toy testers, people who can come and experience the shop and the toys we sell and give honest feedback on everything from the visit to the packaging and how their children played with the toys.

I really wanted this to be a customer, not a big blogger who had a huge fan base and is all sell sell sell, but an honest approach from someone I know , like and trust.

I popped a post on my face book wall and Instagram page and boom!

It went mad my inbox was pinning and people where really excited about the concept of becoming a toy tester. It was so hard to choose from such a huge response, so I decided to go with my gut instinct as this usual serves me well and choose someone who does come into the shop and I had chatted to in the past and got on well with, someone who totally gets the concept of my no battery, no plastic tat approach. 

I am so excited to start the process and get some honest feedback about the toys I have chosen to stock and what better way than to road test them on the children who play with them. 

Meet Vicki 

Hello, I’m Vicki. Mother to Oscar (4) and Imogen (7m) former art teacher, current director of play, chef, wardrobe mistress, personal assistant and boo boo kisser for two highly demanding clients, I mean adorable kids.

Originally from Penistone, I’ve lived in Oxford for 12 years before we decided to move to the Slaithwaite/Marsden area two years ago. I have never regretted decision as it has meant I now get to stay at home with my children as well as live in this really friendly and vibrant area.

I saw Lisa’s gorgeous shop when we were house hunting and thought it was a real gem for Marsden to have. I now try to buy all my birthday party presents from here as shopping locally is really important to me. If we want beautiful shops like this on our doorstep we have to use them and perhaps spend a few pounds more than if we shopped from faceless giants like Amazon!

I’m looking forward playing with some new toys and sharing what we thought with you all after all I’m just a big kid at heart too!


 Vicki has since been into the shop with the very gorgeous Imogen aged 7 month who promptly feel asleep as we clearly bored her with our chatting.

Two fantastic toys have been chosen ready for review from the Janod range and I can not wait to see what Oscar and Imogen think of the toys

Guess what's in the bag, all will be reviled in the next blog 

Big love Lisa, Vicki and Imogen xx

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