How to choose the perfect party gift

Hello hello hello Lisa here popping in to talk party gifts!

Children seems to be invited to party's every weekend and while that is great for your child it isn't always so great for your purse 

So I wanted to talk to you about how to keep the cost down while still choosing a great gift that both parent and the child will thank you for 

My Top 5 tips 

1. Set a budget you feel comfortable with paying for party gifts

A lot of my customers aim for around the £10 mark and most shops offer a good range around this price point 

If you see a deal for buy two get a third half price or something similar then bulk buy as it will save you money in the long run. I know lots of my customers have a party gift box so when they see something they know will be popular with the age range they need for party's then they buy a few at a time or take advantage of an offer we are running , this also saves time for next time you have a party and you do not have to go shopping again   

2. is the gift age appropriate for the child you are buying for?

if you are not sure ask for help and advise. It is something we offer in the shop with all our customers, if you are shopping on line just check the age range guide  

3. will the child use it 

now this is always a risk but I tend to go on whats been popular with the children in the shop and will my child like it. Ask the shop owner to help , they are very knowledgeable on their ranges and whats popular right now and happy to help.

We offer a birthday gift list service, if your child has a birthday coming up they can pop into the shop and write out a shopping list with the help of mum and dad. Then when people are buying for that child, we get the list out and tick of the gifts that they have chosen, the child gets what they want and the stress of not getting it right is taken away  

4. what does the child get from it

 By this I mean does it teach the child anything, will it keep the child entertained and maybe away from screens for a few hours, always a bonus if it does. We offer a craft range for children age 7 plus for this very reason and its hugely popular as it taps into what is popular and gets children interested in making and creating

5. Get it wrapped and ready to go

we offer a free gift wrap service and I know a few other independents do too, this not only saves you time and money but it looks great too making the gift extra special to give and receive.  

One of our best sellers is the Dinosaur

See our full range of party gifts here

My daughter Lola aged years has chosen her top picks for party's and pocket money 

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