Are high street shops dead ?


Why did I speak up about been quiet?

Recently I posted on social media that the village in which we are located in is very quiet, I explained it really is time to use the local shops or loose them , it had a huge response and over 5,000 people saw the post and lots of people shared

Since then I have been asked why I did that ,wasn't I embarrassed? 

My answer is no, absolutely not, this is a nation wide problem. Shops are closing daily and town centres are boarded up. People moan and do not like the look of them, yet sit on Amazon and order from faceless companies and while this saves time and effort, we have to change in order to keep local businesses alive and we are all guilty of this. 

Independent shops offer so much more, they are quirky and really think about the stock they sell. They offer fantastic customer service and will go above and beyond for customers. They do not have marketing teams or money to do adverts and yet they keep going as they are passionate about what they do and these businesses should be celebrated and thrive in local community's and most do offer a website now to order from.

My shop has been in the village for over 20 years, we outlasted Toys R us and we have seen both ups and downs through this time. I have learned to adapt and to change when needed and offer different things.

My ethos has always remained the same , we are passionate about play and source our toys for the play value and for the environmental impact and I really wanted to let my community know, that I will have to close unless people support the shop and buy locally. I have made it as easy as possible with a website you can browse in your own time, use the click and collect option if local and free delivery on orders over £25 and I am open 6 days a week 

I would be sad to leave the shop, I really love my job and been a part of the community and I hope it doesn't come to that and that is why I reached out and shared the post. I am hopeful that change is coming and more and more people are conscious of spending locally. I am part of the group Positively Marsden and we are doing all we can to help our community and promote it. 

If you love your local shops please support them and if they do not have what you wanted , let them know so they can adapt to suit the needs of you, the customer. We haven't given up yet and we know the community spirit in the village is strong 

Here are a few of my favourites independents places to visit  

Manjo Home in Lindley , Mandy is passionate and it really comes across in her quirky treasure box of a shop 

Kooky Blue in Ossett is a recent find and I have fallen in love with this shop , if you love up-cycled furniture then this one is for you 

Dark woods Coffee does the most amazing coffee and is only open once a month so is a real treat to visit and its on my doorstep 

Mothers day is on Sunday , please spend locally, even if it is a card , a bunch of flowers or a meal out in your local restaurant. It really does make a difference 

Together we are stronger 

Love Lisa xxx

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