A controversial post on Gender toys and my take on it

So are there such things as boys and girls toys? 

This seems to be a conversation I have over and over in the shop with customers, so what is my take on this ...

I believe there are no boys toys and girl toys, just toys that every child can choose to play with if they desire. Children do not start out thinking this is a boys toy or a girls toy they just play with whatever they choose to play with, interested in or is within their reach. 

It is society that tells children THAT is a boys toy or a girls toy!

What if a toy is pink and a boy plays with it.. so what ! its a colour, can girls not wear blue ? We are conditioned to think blue is for a boy and pink is for a girl but it isn't set in stone we can change these opinions and toys play a vital role in this.

I hate going into a shop and finding sections aimed directly at one gender. my shop isn't set out like that I have unicorn and dinosaurs together and I know for a fact boys love unicorns and why shouldn't they, they are magical. I also have pink cards that say baby girl and blue that say baby boy because I offer all options. 

I have Lottie dolls that come in both boys and girls and all have a different hobby encouraging children to be who ever they want to be.  We have Finn the kite flyer and Lottie the stargazer, both areequally loved by BOTH boys and girls 

I would love to see more boys playing with dolls and more girls playing with trucks without any adult passing comment or making judgement .

we can change the way .. but  it needs to come from adults not children... they are busy playing and discovering what they enjoy.

Do not limit their toys, give your children the opportunity to play with everything and see what they are naturally drawn too , do not be put off by the colour if you want a doll for your boy it can be pink, manufactures tend to make dolls pink and its difficult to find alternatives but does it matter?I do not think so .. 

But equally if your boy prefers cars and Dinosaurs that is ok too, there are no rule books here, its down to personal choice, their choice!  

Lola my 5 year old is a princess she loves sparkles, tiaras, make up and dressing up. I have always given her a choice, she has a batman costume and a princess costume .. yes she does choose the princess more but some days shes batman and that is alright too, because its her choice and she has the freedom to be whoever she wants to be without judgement 

Wouldn't it be a nicer world if people just let people do and be whoever they are ... lets start while they are young 

If you are happy doing what you are doing keep at it .. parenting is hard enough  

Big Love Lisa xx

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